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CCA Freight is an interstate and local freight handling specialists proudly servicing the Australian Defence force and associated industries providing a competitive total solution for your logistical needs improving capacities with an improved bottom line. Our drivers at CCA freight have the following accreditation and passes to allow our business to work in conjunction with yours to successfully carry out requested moves and to fulfil your business needs. Our key customers include Defence Force Army Band, USMC-Marines, Singapore Defence Force and USAF-Air Force.

CCA Freight has performed the following exercise with Defence and associated industries:

Defence Force Army Band-Regular
USMC-Exercise Koolendong 2014 transporting equipment with Prime Movers
USAF-Exercise Pitch Black 2014 transporting cars/vehicles with Car Carrier and Prime Movers
Singapore Defence Force-Exercise Pitch Black transporting cars/vehicles with car carrier and prime movers
Transfield Defence Services-Tailsman Sabre 2015
US Marines-Rotation Transport equipment and personnel to NT Training areas.


  • Logistical Coordination
  • Military Exercise support
  • Comprehensive equipment fleet
  • Heavy haulage
  • Drop deck spreaders
  • Recovery floats
  • Oversize escorts
  • Dangerous goods
  • Specialised loads
  • Aircraft pallet handling
  • Cranes and forklifts
  • Courier services
  • Integrated personnel transfers


  • Drivers with defence ID passes
  • Drivers with port passes
  • Drivers with asic (aviation) passes
  • Driver familiarity with Defense sites and protocols
  • Logistics coordination
  • Military exercises support
  • 12 years experience with Defense
  • Real time asset tracking
  • Integrated defence personnel transfers
  • Local knowledge and experience